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See below for detailed information about my copyediting services.



Depending on your needs, my copyediting services may include the following:

Mechanical Matters

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and awkward sentences

Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, and Awkward Sentences

  • Correct spelling, including for words pronounced the same but spelled differently and for foreign words
  • Correct punctuation and grammar, applying judgment to grammar and usage “gray areas”
  • Revise awkward sentences
  • Format lists

Style & Formatting

Hyphenation, capitalization, headings, numbers, citations, and style sheet

Hyphenation, capitalization, headings, numbers, citations, and style sheet

  • Correct hyphenation, capitalization, and headings
  • Consistently apply desired style (numbers, capitalization, typecode, etc.)
  • Apply desired style to citations, reference list, and bibliography
  • Create a style sheet

Content & Structure

Clarity for the reader in terms of word choice, sentence and paragraph structure, style, and voice

Clarity for the reader

  • Revise ineffective sentence structure and word choice
  • Reword sentences for clarity and conciseness
  • Suggest reorganization for best flow of ideas
  • Ensure suitability for target audience (voice, style, jargon, acronyms, etc.)
  • Ensure consistent voice

References, Facts, Tables & Art

Internal consistency, clarity, and accuracy

Internal consistency, clarity, and accuracy

  • Check headers, footers, table of contents, and appendices
  • Check citations against reference lists and bibliographies
  • Check for inaccuracies (if requested) or inconsistencies
  • Check tables and illustrations for consistency and sense

Document Types

I copyedit documents of various lengths and types, including the following (if yours isn’t listed, just ask):


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