Chris Spurvey

Congratulations to Chris Spurvey, a copyediting client of mine who has sold 10,000 copies of his book, It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set, in its first 30 days of availability. His success has even been recognized in a Forbes article written by Cheryl Conner. As an added bonus for me, that article included the following kind words that relate to my work on his book and his blog posts:

The book is Spurvey’s own voice and his own authentic story in every chapter and verse.

He gingerly stepped up to the plate and tried his hand with a series of blogs. . . . He engaged a formal copy editor, who didn’t edit the flavor or the context of his pieces, but simply massaged the material, which now numbers 70-75 submissions, into a better article format for his blog posts and later on, for his book.

He chose a copyeditor, Louann Pope, of New Mexico.

He also mentioned Stuart Horwitz, of Book Architecture, the writing coach with whom he worked to “identify the story within him and forge it into the narrative.” I work with Stuart quite frequently and can certainly recommend his services.

Congratulations again, Chris, and thanks for the shout-out!