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In addition to the specific information requested below, feel free to include in your project description any additional information about the project’s writing and editing process thus far.

[For example: Are you a member of a writers’ group? Have you had any beta readers? How much and what type of self-editing have you done? Has any professional editing, such as developmental/substantive editing, been done?]

I will return to you an edited version of your 500-1000 word sample text in Microsoft Word, with Tracked Changes, and a preliminary price and time estimate for the project. If you approve, you’ll then need to send me the full manuscript and I’ll review it to finalize my estimate before beginning work.

If you’d like to hire me to edit short materials rather than book-length materials, please indicate that in the form. In that case, I may or may not provide a sample edit, and I’ll likely charge an hourly rate rather than a per-word rate.

Please see the FAQ page for an explanation of the copyediting process, and feel free to include in the form below any questions you have that are not covered there.

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Neither I, nor any other editor, can promise that your manuscript will be 100% error-free after the editing process. Various sources cite 99% or 95% as permissible correction rates for professional editors and some certification exams require only 80%. The best editing approach involves multiple passes and as many levels (such as developmental/substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading) and sets of eyes as possible prior to publication—whether the author plans to self-publish or approach traditional publishers.

In addition, my services will not guarantee your project’s success, although my goal is certainly to increase its chances.

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