Background & Interests

I enjoy reading and editing a wide variety of materials.

Regardless of the type of writing, my goal is always to ensure that the manuscript reflects the best of the author’s ability and unique voice. I see the editing process as a collaboration with the author, in which I act as a bridge between the author and the reader. Will readers experience the piece of writing in the way the author wishes? Will they understand the intended meaning? Will they believe or be persuaded? By considering these questions, as well as the detailed rules of grammar and punctuation, I work as an advocate for both author and reader.

My former career was in business, finance, and economics, and I have an MBA from Duke University and a BA in Economics (minors in Mathematics and Business) from Colby College. My work experience in those fields included significant writing and editing. I’ve always loved reading and language, which prompted me to obtain a specialized copyediting certificate from the University of California San Diego Extension and launch a freelance copyediting career. Personally, my favorite genres to read are science fiction & fantasy and mystery. Because I love language and have this eclectic combination of background and interests, I can copyedit everything from time-travel romances to academic journal articles to company press releases.


I have a wide range of personal interests, including science fiction & fantasy, mystery, romance, history, movies, and the great outdoors. I also have an extensive background in business, finance, and economics; the analytical mind-set that served me well in those areas also serves me well in editing any nonfiction. Actually, it’s helpful in editing fiction too!

Prior to becoming a freelance copyeditor, my professional experience in economics, finance, and investor relations at the following companies included writing and editing:

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Please see Selected Clients below and Testimonials for more information about my experience as a freelance copyeditor.

I am a member of various editing and freelancing organizations:

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Subscriber to CE-L Listserv

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Certificate in Copyediting (120 hours of instruction) from the University of California San Diego Extension


Course in Copyediting Fiction from Editcetera

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Audio Conference on Copyediting Fiction, by Amy Schneider, from

Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University


Bachelor of Arts in Economics (minors in Mathematics and Business) from Colby College


My sharp attention to detail and strong ability to think analytically have served me well in both the business world and copyediting.

I have experience with the following style manuals but am always open to learning additional ones and to relying on a publisher’s own house style guide:



Attention to Detail 100
Collaborative Mindset 95
Microsoft Word 95
Adobe Acrobat mark-up 95

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