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Polishing your writing but maintaining your voice

Taking a collaborative approach to improving your manuscript

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A copyeditor with eagle eyes

I’ll bring to your manuscript a fresh, detail-oriented pair of eyes, clear judgment, and objectivity. My background in business, finance, and economics drew on my analytical mindset. That same mindset makes me a better copyeditor.

Whether your project is nonfiction or fiction, let my eagle eyes complement your creativity!

copyeditor - eagle eyes and attention to detail

Depending on your needs,
my copyediting services may include:

mechanical matters

Mechanical Matters

Correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and revising awkward sentences

style and formatting

Style & Formatting

Correcting hyphenation and capitalization, and consistently applying desired style to headings, numbers, citations, etc. . . and providing you with a style sheet

content, structure, and organization

Content & Structure

Ensuring clarity for the reader in terms of word choice, sentence and paragraph structure, style, and voice

ensuring clarity and consistency

References, Facts, Tables & Art

Ensuring internal consistency, clarity, sense, and accuracy